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Cyber Risk

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Periculus can right size your cyber insurance policy by
quantifying your annual financial risk exposure.

We can help you qualify for cyber insurance, get you insured and identify your largest risk factors.
We can provide consulting services to help further protect your data
and environment AND we are extremely AFFORDABLE.

Can you afford the RISK?



Understand Your Exposure

Make Informed Decisions

Satisfy Requirements


There are many reasons why your organization should be taking a yearly cyber risk assessment and just as many reasons you should be using Periculus to do so.

What are the benefits of taking the Cyber Risk Assessment?
Cyber Risk Assessment allows you to understand your exposure, make informed decisions, and satisfy requirements.

There are many benefits of taking a cyber risk assessment:

Identify Vulnerabilities, Quantify Risks, Prioritize Security Measures, Compliance, Data Protection, Prevent Downtime, Cost Reduction, Enhance Reputation, Insight for Decision-Making, Continuous Improvement, Security Awareness. 

A cyber risk assessment should be a cornerstone of every small business's operational strategy, providing invaluable insights into your organization's resilience.

How reliable is the assessment?
Backed by Mastercard and powered by Cyber Quant, our cyber risk assessment is one of the best on the market. 

Cyber Quant provides a consultative approach to improve businesses’ cybersecurity strategies through actionable insights that qualify the importance and quantify the impact of potential risks. It measures cybersecurity risks, flags security gaps and estimates the impact of new cybersecurity controls on the business, creating personalized results and recommendations - all using up-to-the minute information regarding the cyber risk landscape.


What can I expect?
32 (mostly) multiple choice assessment questions. 

You will be taken through 32 questions ranging from "How many employees do you have?" to "Do you have a password policy in place at your organization?"

Although it seems short, the 32 quick and concise questions gather more than enough information to compute your risk when leveraging the power of Cyber Quant.

How can the assessment be offered at this price?
It’s a DIY assessment. 

As part of Mastercard’s initiative to reach small business and Periculus’s mission to help bring clarity to the topic of cybersecurity, we’ve partnered to give businesses access to Cyber Quant at a discounted rate.

While a full Cyber Quant Engagement typically runs between $12,000-$40,000, our version leverages the intimate knowledge employees and owners have of their own business to answer critical questions concerning security controls. We then use the Cyber Quant back-engine to assess your cyber risk, quantify your risk score, show your financial exposure, and provide you with action items to address your top risks.

What do I get?
- Numeric Risk Score
- Actionable Steps
- Financial Exposure
- Full Report 

You will receive a full report with your risk score, financial exposure, top risk areas and steps you can take to address them.

Ready to Rise Above Risk?

Cyber Risk Results

Use your Cyber Risk Assessment to create your cyber remediation plan - and reduce your risk. 


Quantify Risk

Get a numeric score for your risk of threat actors and attack methods.



Asses the maturity of your current security controls to plan for improved security. 



Identify actions to reduce risk and improve your security posture.



Gain insight into the value of cybersecurity. Consider both the security impact and ROI of each new investment.



Monitor risk exposure to evolve with the changing landscape.

Ready to Rise Above Risk?

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